Luxury erotic job in Switzerland

✔50% rent ✔no other expense ✔every extra service what you make, is your money ✔Escort job too ✔High prices ✔Downtown flats ✔Up to 50 guests a day. 💖 Girls here usually earn between 3000-6000 CHF per week! 

I'm Christina, the owner of the Studio ELITE!

I have swiss luxurious private flats for 15 years, with the best quality and the highest prices! By us the happiness and friendly team is really important.
Our main point that you'll have high income + that you feel good and comfortable in our team!
If you want to work in a stress-free atmosphere and you want to earn your money with flexible hours, if you have no fear of a high income, then you are exactly right with us!

Basel: Busy salon with 50 guests per day

Basel is a big city in the Swiss-French-German triple border, where guests from three countries await you! 

Established busy salon where everyone is earning well.
50/50 system and you have no other expense! Reception work here too, knowledge is not required. Everyone has a separate private room and have free wifi.

We make professional photographs of you, if necessary.

Luzern: It has been open for five years!

The salon in Lucerne is furnished with the best quality furniture and i do a lot of advertising for the place. I'm waiting for over 18 years girls, whom want to work. I offer the same conditions as the rest of my salons.

(50/50 system, extras are yours, free work permission, discreet private rooms and wi-fi)


I own erotic salons for the past 15 years in Europe, especially in Switzerland.

I work exclusively with over 18 years old

 - pretty - girls with good service but i pay attention to everyone individually and i help to build a career!

Price and incomes

Apply here!

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Tel.: 00 41 78 609 13 27 

Kristina the owner!
Viber, Whatsapp - Magyar - Deutsch - English! 

I always bring out the most of my salons and the girls whom work by me. The conditions are always correct and by me the girls must not clean the salons.

I consider you as my partner, as we work together for mutual success. -Christina




I was looking for a place for years in Basel, where i can earn enough, and have a good time at once. 



Finally i found it, and i'm so happy about it! I'll come every month for one week! I feel everytime like in a wellness hotel, i love it!

Studio ELITE


Kristina the owner!
Viber, Whatsapp - Magyar - Deutsch - English!
E-mail: [email protected]


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